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Since 2000, Wild Industry has been providing the food industry with stable and high quality food spices, food additives and related bulk food raw materials. Different needs of the food industry is different, so we have years of experience of the results, looking for higher quality raw materials for customers to solve numerous research and development problems.

Food seasonings security

Food additives is not a scourge, but also because of its global food manufacturers to enhance the quality of food and product competitiveness of the important raw materials. As long as the manufacturers strictly abide by the conscience of the moral, the composition of raw materials, background, process and regulatory strict control, and timely information to customers, can prevent food safety problems.

To provide competitive

Through the keen observation, the trend of food analysis report, to provide customers with the perfect new product development, Guidelines. Coupled with uninterrupted network services, so that products more competitive.

Technical support services

The accumulation of many years of finished products into the experiment, the food ingredients of raw materials analysis, and efforts in various areas of food full access to new information. Since its inception, the company has been working to integrate food raw material systems and has a strong cloud database, so that customers in the new product development or analysis of food raw materials can be fast results.

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